Adult Leadership Forum

We encourage you to consider attending the adult seminar offered during the week of Super Summer.

Leadership Forum begins with check-in on Monday, 12:30 – 2:00 PM, and it concludes at 11:30 AM on Friday morning (it coincides with the arrival and departure times for students attending Super Summer). Adults do not have to bring students to Super Summer in order to attend. Adults can come on their own. Those attending Leadership Forum can be parents, youth Sunday School workers, teachers, interns, church laypersons, pastors, or youth ministers.

Experienced youth ministry coaches from Reach-Out Youth Solutions will teach Super Summer’s Leadership Forum and help you refocus your church’s message and method by helping you understand how to equip youth leaders, parents and students through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.

In an environment of prayer, this new but ancient paradigm builds on 5 essential components of Jesus’ ministry:

» Go deeper in intimacy with Christ
» Build leaders for long-term ministry
» Disciple students with passion for Jesus
» Penetrate the student culture
» Design outreach opportunities that draw students to Christ

Through this relational disciple-making process, youth leaders, parents and volunteers reconnect with students to help them experience life-change and become life-changers!