Choosing Students

Super Summer invites students who:

  • have declared Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and are seeking God with all their heart.
  • exhibit leadership qualities and a pursuit of holiness in all their actions and words.
  • are burdened for the lost and seeking opportunities to share Christ with those around them.
  • agree to observe all the rules and behavior expectations of Super Summer.
  • will be present and participate in all sessions and activities with their school, remaining on campus from check-in on Monday afternoon until the final session ends on Friday at 11:30 AM (NO late arrivals, early departures, or “come and go” participants).
  • are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to participate in the active and highly-disciplined schedule of Super Summer.

Students not already living dedicated Christian lives are often overwhelmed or dissatisfied at Super Summer because of the very structured focus on training students in discipleship and evangelism. The schedule is not designed to allow for much “free time.”

We now are offering seven sessions to allow for plenty of space for all our applicants. As long as you don’t wait until the deadline you should be able to get your first choice session. Thank you for your patience and check back with us soon.